Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The "Hands on Replication" webinar is ready to go

Tomorrow at 10.00 CET we will present the second webinar of the Online Solutions series.

We will talk about MySQL Replication and we will see some of the advanced techniques. We will set up basic, circular and multi-master replication on the fly, for those of you who are not yet familiar with this technology.

There are also hints, tips and tricks for advanced users and DBAs, with suggestions on hardware, storage engines and performance considerations, plus real examples from some big names - Yahoo, Flickr and Wikipedia to name few.

Thanks to everybody for the interest! This is the most successful set of webinars ever presented in Europe so far...

...and there's much more to see!

Stay tuned and see you tomorrow!


P.S. The registration to the online webinar is here


celine said...

Link? ;-)

baron-google said...

Be conscious of people who find this blog via planetmysql. There is almost no sense of context, and I had to search Google for more information. Please make sure you post links to the webinars, otherwise this blog seems like a complete dead end!

It looks like this is the link:

Ivan said...

Hi baron-google and celine,

You are absolutely right!
Sorry about that.

This is the link to the registration:

kn0t said...

Hello Ivan,

regarding the recording of this webinar's session, specially due to the shared desktop appearing white during the demo, I am unable to find on the Webex site a Webex Player for Linux; only MacOS X and Windows.

Do you know if there is any available, or if there is another software capable of playing wrf files?

Thank you very much for this webinars, as I find them more and more interesting as they go. I can hardly wait for the 2nd of May :)

Best Regards,

Jonas Andradas

Ivan said...

Hi Jonas,

I am afraid I am not aware of any webex player (to play wrf files) for Linux.

When we looked for a meeting suite capable of handling hundreds or even thousands of concurrent attendees, we found out that Webex was the best one. We are well aware that there are some technical issues - I have myself to switch to XP and Internet Explorer to host an event - and we are constantly looking for alternatives.
I am going to record the webinar in another format, maybe quicktime or flash, so it will be available on Linux. But it will take some time...


kn0t said...

I will love to have the webinar recorded in a format I'm able to see, so I thank you for taking time to do this.

Since you are posting the Q&A here, and the slides as PDF, I am most interested in the demo that some (or all) Linux users were not able to see.

I will write a suggestion (request?) to Webex, so they know there are Linux users out there that would like to use their services also. For the webinar, being a Java application, it works really nice under Linux, except for the shared desktop feature. Maybe with Java 6 it should work...

Best regards,

Jonás Andradas

Ivan said...

Hi Jonas,

Thank you for taking the time for doing it. I have posted another comment on this subject here.