Tuesday, 27 March 2007

27th March - The Series Begins

Welcome everybody!

Today we have presented the first webinar of the series.
Let me remind you the dates for the all the sessions:
  • 27th March: Part 1 - High Availability and Scalability Architectures
  • 19th April: Part 2 - Advanced Scalability Solutions
  • 2nd May: Part 3 - MySQL Enterprise To Control Mission Critical Online Services
  • 23rd May: Part 4 - 99.999% High Availability solutions
  • 13th June: Part 5 - MySQL Enterprise performance and benchmarking
  • 27th June: Part 6 - Advanced HA solutions
Thanks to all of you who showed up!



Anja said...

I cann't followed the seminar 3rd part (2nd May) via the online WebEx, via the free phone is good.
It's first time that i try with my workplace but here cann't the connection with the given link. I receive the message "This event is no longer active. Contact technical support for more information." or the message " Please check the number 565244316 and try again, or ask your event host for assistance.".
I ask my collegae and he say that's all ports open is this moment but i haven't the connection via WebEx for this event.

Anja said...

The two first other seminars online at home, it's work.

Greeting Anja